de Savigny D and Adam T. “Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening”. I co-authored chapters 2 and 4, copy edited the book, produced all supporting materials (including a short overview for policy-makers), and shot a video on the topic. It can be downloaded from the Alliance’s website here.

Chanda P, Campbell S, Zarowsky C. “Developing a national health research system: Participatory approaches to legislative, institutional and networking dimensions in Zambia”. Health Research Policy and Systems. 10:17. 2012. <pdf>

Kasonde J, Campbell S. Creating a Knowledge Translation Platform: Nine Lessons from the Zambia Forum for Health Research. 2012. Health Research Policy and Systems. 10:31. 2012. <pdf>

Campbell S. Plenary speech to the Research Transfer Network of Alberta: Reimagining Health Through KT. <Text of the speech> <pdf of the presentation>

Campbell, S. Deliberative Priority Setting. A CIHR Knowledge Translation Module. June 2010. Available online here. Available as a <pdf>

Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. Priority Setting for Health Policy and Systems Research. Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. WHO, 2009. Available online here. Available as a <pdf>. Note that I authored this piece.

Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. Systematic Reviews in Health Policy and Systems Research. Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. WHO, 2009. Available online here. Available as a <pdf>. Note that I co-authored this piece with Tomás Pantoja.

The Research Matters Knowledge Translation Toolkit. A twelve-chapter examination of knowledge translation and its various tools. The entire toolkit can be downloaded as one file here, though individual chapters can be found in the links below:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to KT

Chapter 2 - Bringing in the Demand: the Harmony of Push and Pull

Chapter 3 - Knowledge Management

Chapter 4 - Context Mapping

Chapter 5 - Evaluative Thinking

Chapter 6 - Designing a Communications Strategy

Chapter 7 - Communicating Research: Using Print Media

Chapter 8 - The Two-Pager: Writing a Policy Brief

Chapter 9 - Systematic Reviews

Chapter 10 - Open Access

Chapter 11 - The Conference 2.0

Chapter 12 - Tapping Technology

I was the lead author of “Beyond research: RCS and the media,” a piece  commissioned by the Global Forum for Health Research and published in Ghaffar A, IJsselmulden C, Zicker F, eds. “Changing Mindsets: Research capacity strengthening in low- and middle-income countries”. Geneva, COHRED/GFHR/TDR, 2008.

While with IDRC I also co-authored a synthesis paper entitled, “Towards an Ideal African Health System: Contributions to the Vision,” a toolkit on “Governance and Health Systems: A Resource for Researchers,” and a manual on using Windows Movie Maker to edit video files as part of the Video Voice Zambia project.

I also co-authored a series of Discussion Notes to influence deliberations at a 2004 meeting of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. These included, “Black Market Distribution of Antiretrovirals,” “Equity Issues and the Provision of ART,” “ART and its Broader Impact on Health Systems,” and “Drug Resistance and Antiretroviral Therapy”.

Recent presentations I’ve given include:

The Integrated Policy Brief (with John Lavis) - CCGHR Learning Forum, Ottawa, 25 Oct 09.

Priority Setting - health research agenda - Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia 22 May 09

Knowledge Translation Workshop (with Colleen Davison) - Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia 18 May 09.

Internal Evaluation findings to CCGHR Board - Ottawa, October 08

Knowledge Translation: Context, Fallibility and Male Circumcision - for University of Ottawa School of Nursing. 12 June 08.

Campbell S. Knowledge Translation Curriculum. Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research: Ottawa. 2012. Three separate modules and lessons detailing: an introduction to KT; situation analysis; priority setting. <web>