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Knowledge Translation Curriculum

three Modules exploring KT; Situation Analysis; Priority Setting.

Peer reviewed papers

Creating a Knowledge Translation Platform: Nine Lessons from ZAMFOHR. HARPS. 2012.

Developing a national health research system in Zambia. HARPS. 2012.

                                                                               New - November 2015


Entitled “Medicines in Health Systems,” this animation explores the ways in which a systems-thinking approach boosts our understandings of the access to affordable, high-quality medicines in low- and middle-income countries. More on Video Production...

A New Systems Thinking Non-Proft

Come see the vision, mission and activities of The Canopy Lab, which my colleague Eric Derks and I launched in September, 2015. More on The Canopy Lab...

Priority Setting for Health Research

This final report on research priority setting details the process I designed and led for the Society of Family Planning to determine top research priorities in the family-planning field.

Ongoing work on a research project on PS for health research in Zambia. More on Priority Setting... More on Priority Setting Literature...

Knowledge Translation Platforms (KTPs)

Ongoing work with EVIPNet Europe to help develop a network of KTPs in eastern Europe, with a lot of recent work in the Republic of Moldova. I also co-developed EVIPNet Europe’s Strategic Plan. We are currently developing a raft of materials to help KTPs move from an idea to an organization. More on KTPs...

Strategic Plan Development

Knowledge Translation Strategic Plan for Alberta Innovates Health Solutions. I also developed an animation sequence for the SP to provide a moving, visual component. More on Strategic Plans...

Substantive Editing and Writing

Completion of the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research new Flagship Report on Access to Medicines.

Virtual Learning Platforms

Working with CCGHR to determine the best means by which research groups can use virtual platforms to collaborate, share and create.

Integrated Knowledge Translation Training

Following training series at Queen’s University in June 2014, am working with the CCGHR to develop integrated KT training modules.